There's a problem that plagues the boxing world: injured hands. And let me tell you, there's nothing worse than a boxer with an injured hand trying to make their way in the ring.

The truth is, there's no escaping the risk of injury when you're wearing the wrong gloves.

This isn't some trivial matter, my friends. It's a serious concern that can have lasting repercussions on your training, your fights, and even your entire boxing career.

Let's delve into the reasons why you must prioritize safeguarding your hands with the right gloves:


Think about the impact of your punches, the force that reverberates through your hands.
Without the proper padding, you're exposing your delicate bones and tissues to unnecessary trauma. It's like throwing a punch with bare knuckles - a recipe for disaster.

Guarded Combat boxing gloves' are made with comfortable and durable closed-cell EVA and latex foam sheets.

This intelligent design allows the padding to actively respond to pressure, providing optimum support and protecting your knuckles.


The wrong gloves can wreak havoc on your hands in more ways than one. Cheap construction and subpar materials can lead to discomfort, painful chafing, or even cuts and blisters.

And let's not forget about the lack of proper wrist support. An ill-fitting glove can leave your wrists vulnerable, flirting with disaster and increasing the risk of sprains or fractures.

The wrist area of Guarded Combat gloves are padded and reinforced with strong stitching.

This combination provides extra stiffness, making your wrist more rigid and providing optimal support during heavy punches.


Your thumbs, equipped with intricate joints, are vital for executing various boxing techniques.

However, when your thumb is forced into a contorted position by restrictive glove designs, the joints are subjected to excessive stress and strain.

This can lead to chronic pain, inflammation, and even degenerative conditions that can hamper your performance for years to come. Embracing the natural thumb position preserves the integrity of your joints.

Guarded Boxing Gloves' have a straight-attached thumb design. It not only provides maximum protection for your thumb but also allows for a natural thumb position when making a fist.

This thoughtful design choice enhances your comfort and overall performance during training or competitions.

Remember, injuries can set you back, hinder your progress, and dash your dreams. But with the right gloves, you'll be on your way to unleashing your full potential, triumphing over adversity, and conquering the boxing world.

Stay wise, stay vigilant, and above all, safeguard your hands. The consequences of wearing the wrong gloves are too great to ignore.

All the best,

Guarded Combat Team


  • Perfect Balance: Precision-engineered for unparalleled power and performance

  • Relentless Precision: Lock in your win with a secure fit that limits unnecessary hand movements, elevating your precision to lethal accuracy.

  • Unyielding Feedback: Experience ultimate knuckle feedback with specially-engineered latex and EVA foams.

  • Ironclad Protection: The extended cuff raises the bar in wrist support and defense, leaving adversaries in awe while your wrists stay guarded.

  • Unmatched Comfort: Breathe freely and focus solely on your fight with a moisture-wicking inner lining. Stay fresh, cool, and odor-free.

  • Superior Craftsmanship: Showcasing top-grain, pebble-finished genuine leather. These gloves endure the most grueling battles, a testament to warriors like you.