Guarded Combat was born out of the hunger to honor the grit of fighters.

Our founders know the grind, the sacrifices and the fanatical fixation it takes to reach the top of combat sports. This is not about us. This is about Them. Their unrelenting tenacity, unwavering focus and rigorous training.

We believe every fighter is born with an indomitable spirit to be the best.

We forged a brand that uses a boxer’s driven obsession to build gear befitting true champions. Fine tuned equipment that amplifies a fighters confidence and intimidation, unnerving whoever dares to stand against them. Gear that is an extension of a powerful, capable body. Gear that can be relied on, made by those that never give in.

Guarded resonates with the spirit of those treading the same hard and bloody path to becoming the GOAT as we are.


Guarded exists to pay homage to the invincible core of the fighters that wear our kit. Only Guarded goes toe-to-toe with our competition to bring our warriors the gear they’ve been craving — the gear they deserve. Gear that subdues the doubters and quietens the crowd. Maximise every inch of sinew and blood-pumped brawn with precisely balanced gloves, gruellingly honed to support and amplify your power.

We get it – rising through the ranks is not a walk in the park. It takes single-minded dedication and ironclad discipline to reach the elite. We are the cornermen fueling that fixation. It takes a cocksure attitude, prowess and a lot of courage to confront and conquer. We are their covert edge. For all the fighters fanatically devoted to building their legacy, Guarded Combat
has your back.


Guarded is for the tenacious champions that speak with their
actions. No excuses, no shortcuts, no gimmicks. Our people are precisely honed fighting machines with a ruthless focus.

They have a drive to conquer fear and fight their way forward. They demand gear they can rely on. They don’t accept an inch less than they have earnt. Countless hours of blood and sweat comes down to pivotal seconds. It’s time to deliver and Guarded is the gear that can withstand the rage in the ring.

Gear for fighters, forged by fighters that never give in. We’re driven to perfect our gear to find an edge. To exploit every millimeter in the need to conquer. Like our fighters - we’re compelled to this life. It’s more than a sport, it’s a calling.


Guarded is a vow of commitment. A sign of utter devotion to the fight. Like recognises like - we are the brand of choice for those warriors so full of grit their blood abrades.

We honour the unstoppable force that unnerves opponents, razing to the ground anything that stands as an obstacle to their ambition. We revere the unapologetic way they bow to none. The moment our champions put on Guarded Combat, onlookers know they are not to be messed with. They become a foreboding presence that unsettles their opponents - they become unfuckwithable.

They’re ferocious fighters taking up the space they want and equipped with the confidence to conquer themselves and their goals. Guarded athletes are
treated with the respect and seriousness they deserve.